The POWVER results are expected to be used as a possibly mandatory step in a certification process for devices seeking the Energybus-compliance label, which in turn will guarantee customer safety according to the upcoming IEC 61851-3.

As such, POWVER paves the way into an e-biking future which differs from the route taken by the domains of sewing machines, espresso machines, and cars. The prime POWVER focus is on embedded software for electric power management. Electric power is intricate to handle by software, is safety-critical, but vital for mobile devices and their longevity. Since ever more tools, gadgets, and vehicles run on batteries and use power harvesting, power management is a pivot of the future.

POWVER provides the key elements in a campaign against customer lock-in, thus far enforced by proprietary embedded software solutions. It reaches out to the entire spectrum of power awareness, ranging from cleaning robots to smart phones, to nano satellites, to power grids, and beyond.

POWVER to the people.